Cloud Security Forum 2014
The ONLY educational and networking platform for cloud professionals

Cloud Security Forum 2014 is a must-attend event for security professionals who are seeking for solutions to challenges and obstacles brought by extensive use of cloud in enterprises nowadays.

Event Highlights:

  • Entering into the era of the next Cloud �� Will cloud standards help cloud users to choose an appropriate cloud provider?
  • Will the cloud be more secured under cloud standards? What is the significance of cloud security standard to the market development?
  • Data privacy concerns when using cloud - How are other countries tacking these issues
  • Case studies - will security incidents be handled differently in the cloud? Can forensics be carried out easily in the cloud? What are the areas of concerns?
  • Wine appreciation - the best occasion to mingle with the experts with a glass of wine in hand
  • Eligible for 4 units of CPD/CPE/PDU

Featured Speakers & Panelists

  1. Mr. Daniel Lai, Government Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong SAR
  2. Dr. Henry Chang, Information Technology Advisor, The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Personal Data
  3. Dr. Toa Charm, Founder and Chairman, Business Intelligence Specialist Group, HKCS
  4. Mr. Frank Chow, Chairperson, PISA Hong Kong
  5. Mr. Francis Fung, CIO, Midland Realty
  6. Mr. Henry Ng, CISSP Instructor, KORNERSTONE Ltd; (ISC)2 Authorized Instructor
  7. Mr. Michael Yung, Chief Information Officer, Nextmedia Ltd
  8. Ms. Lim May-Ann, Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association
  9. Mr. Kok Tin Gan, Senior Manager, PwC Hong Kong
  10. Mr. Arthur Wong, Head of IT Asia, KKR
  11. Mr. SC Leung, Senior Consultant, HKCERT

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