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CBAP® 是一门非常专业的认证,有着广泛的业务分析经验。随着至少 7,500 个小时的实际操作 BA 经验,CBAP® 会是 BA 的精英,资深成员。

自 2006 年首次认证至今已达到近 5,760 名世界各地的持证人,CBAP® 专家鉴定,以确定最佳的业务分析解决方案。越来越多企业认识了 CBAP®,这些专业人士把其组织的价值和专业知识运用到企业上。

如果你有知识和经验的先进水平,并正在努力在以下任何角色来考虑获取 CBAP® 认证的众多专业优势:业务分析,系统分析,需求分析和管理,过程改进,咨询。


关于 CBAP®

  • CBAP® 由 International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA 颁授
  • IIBA 于 2003 年于加拿大成立,现已成为全球业务分析领先的协会
  • 超过 28,000 名成员,230 多名公司会员和 110 多个分会,IIBA 是为世界各地业务分析的专业人士认可的非牟利协会
  • 全球超过 5,000 位持证人
  • 课程采用官方认可 BABOK V3
  • IIBA 官方网站:


Level 1
Recognizes individuals entering the field of business analysis

Level 2
Recognizes BA professionals who have 2-3 years of experience

Level 3
Recognizes BA professionals who lead and have over 5 years of BA experience

Level 4
Recognizes BA professionals who advance the BA profession and have over 10 years of experience

BABOK® 的知识领域:

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring                                  (Level 2 – 12%)         (Level 3 – 14%)
  • Elicitation and Collaboration                                                            (Level 2 – 20%)         (Level 3 – 12%)
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management                                           (Level 2 – 18%)         (Level 3 – 15%)
  • Strategy Analysis                                                                                 (Level 2 – 12%)         (Level 3 – 15%)
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition                               (Level 2 – 32%)         (Level 3 – 30%)
  • Solution Evaluation                                                                             (Level 2 – 6%)           (Level 3 – 14%)



24 小时的专业培训,其中包括:

  • 重点在于考试技巧和实践
  • 业务分析的专业知识应用
  • 案例研究和考试应用

免费重考 (适用于出席率达 80% 或以上的学员)

官方 IIBA’s BABOK® 最新内容


CBAP® 认证要求


  • 拥有 5 年的专业 BA 业务经验
  • 四个知识领域之中,至少有 900 小时培训
  • 在过去的四年中,最少有 21 小时专业发展
  • 获取两个推荐从经理,客户或 CBAP® 持有人
  • 签署行为准则

如果你不符合的 CBAP® 认证的要求,你可能要考虑申请 CCBA®


  • 3.5 小时计算机考试 (Prometric Centre – HKEA)
  • 150 题选择题,有四个可能的答案以供选择
  • 有些问题是基于 “理解” 和其他基于 “情景分析”
  • 考试费 (英文): US$450 非 IIBA 会员, US$325 IIBA 会员 (US$125 第一次考试费用不会退还)
  • 重新考试费 (英文): US$375 非 IIBA 会员, US$250 IIBA 会员


Mr. Joe Chui

  • Vice President in IIBA HK Chapter
  • Over 15 year-working experiences in Regional IT Project Management, Business Analysis & IT Consulting for Luxury & MNC retail organizations in Asia Pacific region
  • Currently Group Regional IT Manager in APAC for a Fortune Top 250 MNC to manage projects & system supports in 7 countries
  • Former Regional PM and BA head in a leading IT Consulting firm for Luxury & MNC retailers in Asia Pacific
  • Strong business knowledge in Retail Operations, E-Commerce, CRM & Supply Chain Management with expertise in business requirement elicitation & analysis
  • Trained up many Project Director, PM, BA, BA Managers, SA & Technical Lead in MNC & leading consulting companies
  • CBAP®, MSc. in Information Systems Management

Mr. Sabeer Muhsin

  • Senior Business Analyst Professional in one of the leading airline in Asia Pacific
  • Over 15 year-experience in Business Analysis and a flair in Project Management for Airport, Airline and Finance industries
  • CBAP® Non- Executive Director – Certification, IIBA HK Chapter)

Mr. Raymond Wong

  • One of the founders of the Project Management Institute (PMI®)
  • Former President of PMI Hong Kong Chapter
  • Over 35 years of I.T., PM and BA experience
  • Member of the I.T. advisory committee of Legislative Councilor (IT)


“Kornerstone is always keen to invite top trainer who is always the center of success. The course is very practical because our trainer – Joe uses interactive teaching approach, APAC case studies and experience sharing in teaching each class, which inspire me a lot and greatly helps my work. I learned a lot here especially regarding around requirement elicitation & vendor management.

Joe has also prepared good materials including easy-to read notes and many different types of exam sample questions to help me a lot on study and pass the exam. During exam preparation period, whenever I encountered queries, Joe replied and explained me patiently.

I would recommend Kornerstone CBAP course to my friends and anyone working in project.”

Digital Project Manager

“CBAP Program provides me lots of understanding and techniques on business analysis area. And the trainer made the course to be thoroughly enjoyable and extremely valuable learning experience. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Ian Lau
Manager, Analytics Infrastructure Management
Hang Seng Bank Limited

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