KORNERSTONE is a member of CFA® PPGP (Prep Providers Guidelines Program) of CFA Institute


CFA® 为金融和投资人士的专​​业资格,尤其是在投资管理,投资银行和股票分析,债券及其衍生资产,财务分析等领域。 CFA® 偏重于投资组合管理和财务分析,并提供金融专业智识等领域,让您拥有非常坚实的金融资格,装备您成为金融专业人才。世界各地的雇主和媒体均承认 CFA® 为专业优秀的标准。经济学家肯定了 CFA® 的地位,把它在投资分析中指定为黄金标准。有了这样的认可,CFA® 持有人能获取显著的国际竞争优势。

KORNERSTONE 是香港官方认可的培训伙伴,采用官方教学材料,令您更容易成功考取 CFA® 专业资格。


关于 CFA®

  • CFA® 专业资格是由 CFA Institute 颁授,其协会会员超过 150,000 并遍及 163 个国家,亦是全球最大的金融专业协会
  • 全球 CFA® 考试的最新合格率:CFA® Level I:43%(2018 年 6 月); CFA® Level II:45%(2018 年 6 月); CFA® Level III:56%(2018 年 6 月)
  • CFA® 官方网址: http://www.cfainstitute.org


  • 道德和专业标准
  • 投资工具
  • 定量方法
  • 经济学
  • 财务报告与分析
  • 企业融资
  • 资产类别
  • 股权投资
  • 固定收益投资
  • 衍生工具
  • 另类投资
  • 投资组合管理和财富规划


  • CFA® Level I:66 小时重点考试培训,导师培训,包括模拟考试及 5 小时工作坊 (选择性)
  • CFA® Level II:44 小时重点考试培训,导师培训,包括模拟考试
  • CFA® Level III:32 小时重点考试培训,导师培训,包括模拟考试
  • CFA® 重点考试培训
  • CFA Institute 官方培训教材和课堂练习
  • 采用实际案例研究
  • 按照不同导师专业知识范围提供最佳培训课程
  • 小班教学使导师和学员之间产生有效互动体验
  • 免费重读 (适用于出席率达 80% 或以上的学员)




  • 独家定制组合: 包括KORNERSTONE本地化现场导师培训和Wiley的考试复习课程
  • 涵盖每个LOS,考试等级练习题,个性化学习计划和模拟考试
  • 灵活的在线课程可帮助您查看每个主题领域的关键概念


  • 有至少 4 年认可的专业工作经验
  • 成为 CFA Institute 的会员和申请加入本地 CFA® 成员组织
  • 成功考取 CFA® Level I,CFA® Level II,CFA® Level III
  • 乎合专业操守标准


  • CFA® Level I 考试 (六月,十二月)
    1. 总共 240 条选择题,考试分两节,每节 120 条
    2. 所有问题分数一样
  • CFA® Level II (六月)
    1. 20 条组合问题,每条组合问题均有一条个案分析及 6 条选择题
    2. 120 条选择题 (每条 3 分)
  • CFA® Level III (六月)
    1. 考试以文章格式 10-15 條題目 (180分) 及问答题 10 條 (180分)
  • CFA® 题目
    1. Level I 考试,重点是投资工具,并学习知识和理解
    2. Level II 考试,重点是资产评估,以及学习应用和分析
    3. Level III 考试,重点是投资组合管理,学习综合和评价
  • CFA® 考试题目
    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
    I. 道德和专业标准 15% 10-15% 10-15%
    II. 投资工具 45% 35-50% 5-10%
    III. 资产类别 34% 30-50% 35-60%
    IV. 投资组合管理和财富规划 6% 5-15% 35-40%
  • 6 个小时的考试分为上午和下午,之间有一个 2 小时的午休
  • 考生必须参加上午和下午的考试


Mr. Jimmy Lee

  • CFA®, CPA (Practising), CFPcm, MBA, LLMArbDR, BSc (Hons)
  • 15 years of professional training experience in Investment, Accounting, Financial Planning and Funds Management
  • Currently a director a an asset management company
  • Previous experience as a professional auditor, private banker and a senior management in various financial institutions like Deloitte, UBS and AXA

Mr. Jack Tsang

  • CFA®, FRM®, CWM®, CPA
  • Master of Laws in Corporate and Financial Law
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)

Mr. Francis Lau

  • PhD, FRM®, CFA®
  • PhD degree specializes in quantitative trading strategies
  • A seasoned practitioner who has over 10 years’ experiences in financial risk management, quantitative analysis and regulatory reporting for retail, wholesale and investing banking

Mr. Chris Ansell

  • CFA®, MBA
  • Senior Lecturer and Course Director – MSc Global Finance at Coventry University London
  • Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University
  • Director at Cavaja Consulting, including a variety of small to blue-chip clients
  • Experienced financial professional, 20-years solid experience in equity markets, financial analysis, equity valuation and operations


“I joined the CFA® Program of KORNERSTONE last year and got passed. I would definitely recommend this program to my colleagues or anyone who are preparing for CFA® exam, KORNERSTONE provides excellent learning material and their trainers are with different specializations.”

Tony Leung,
KORNERSTONE graduate, passed CFA Level I

“The CFA® Program provides exam-oriented materials with adequate amount of real-world applications in financial markets, which strengthened my overall understanding. I had the opportunities to interact with different trainers who are specialized in different areas, for instance, Quantitative Methods, Portfolio Management, Financial Reporting and Economics. This program helped me to study more efficiently and confidently. I would strongly recommend this program to CFA® exam candidates!”

Charles Yuen,
KORNERSTONE graduate, passed CFA Level I

“Dr. Francis Lau is very helpful. He focuses on making sure we understand. Joining this course saved me a lot of time in revision.”

Jeffrey Chen,
KORNERSTONE graduate, passed CFA Level II

“I found the KORNERSTONE course very useful in highlighting the exam focus and pointing out the must know absolutely from the lesser important material. Understanding what you can & should do for the essay to save time, give the examiners the material and key words they are looking for as well as the right format to make it easy for them to read through definitely helped me scored points and finish the morning session on time. Fixed income is also big in the exam and if this is not your cup of tea, the course will bring you back to the basics. From there it is not difficult to get the more complex problems. The teachers were helpful in building confidence up to the exam day and often available for questions. The more you participate in, the more you will get out so ask the teachers for tips, they have many to share for your benefit. Don’t hesitate, the course is a plus to make the difference in your CFA exam. “

Severine C. Bret,
KORNERSTONE graduate, passed CFA Level III

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