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Neuro Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) is one of the most effective models of how people learn, communicate, change and evolve themselves. It is also one of the most practical, result oriented technologies for detecting, understanding and gaining control of our conscious and unconscious thinking. NLP can be applied in different modes of business including sales, team building, negotiation and interpersonal communication with all levels of staff, supervisors and clients. By acquiring this unique professional methodology, you are more able to create change and continue to grow for self and others in the workplace. What’s more? Through effective coaching of self and others, your career path will be well under your control with great success and ultimately happiness with your personal life!


About the Certification

10 key benefits from attending CPNLP:

  1. Understand the importance of change management and how to adapt changes
  2. Master your emotion and mindset to achieve great results
  3. Motivate self and the team to maximize performance and employee engagements via effective coaching mindset and techniques
  4. Develop a strategic thinking mindset to align values, beliefs and vision with team and clients at work
  5. Make connection and build network with literally anyone you are with
  6. Assert yourself to express your view and become more influential at work
  7. Build confidence in communicating effectively with bosses, subordinates, peers and clients at work
  8. Lead your team with business intelligence such as high impact questioning and listening skills, negotiation skills, feedback skills, coaching skills, etc
  9. Utilize the power of body language in conveying messages precisely
  10. Set goals to achieve well-formed outcomes

Training Outlines

  • Develop a climate of trust and understanding with self and people at work and in business (16 hours)
  • Communicate assertively to win with people at work and in business (16 hours)
  • Empower a motivating and coaching culture for development at work and in business (17 hours)
  • Develop a performing team with shared values and commitment for success (16 hours)
  • Achieve desirable goals and create a future that helps sustain happiness at work and in life (18 hours)

Training Highlights

  • 140 hours of professional training
    • Classroom training – 83 hours
    • Independent study and practice – 51 hours
    • Examination – 3 hours
    • Integration and certification – 3 hours


  • 2 years of managerial level experience for degree holder
  • 5 years of managerial level experience for non-degree holder


  • A minimum of 80% attendance
  • Participation in class
  • Assignments for selected modules
  • A 3-hour examination


Dr. Harry Wong, FCPA

  • Asia 1st ABNLP Certified Master Trainer of NLP*
  • China 1st Certified NLP Coach Trainer at Master Level by ABNLP Coaching Division
  • Certified NLP Master Coach by ABNLP
  • Authorized by Time Line Therapy Association to offer Time Line Therapy certification training both at practitioner and master practitioner levels
  • Doctor of Applied Psychology
  • Accredited business and relationship mediator
  • Chartered Professional Accountant, CA (Canada)
  • Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Professional experience in business and training consultancy since 1991
  • Extensive training and coaching experience for managers and directors of multinational companies
  • Trained over 31,000 professionals, managers and executives in USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, etc.
  • Specialized in couple therapies and personal empowerment
  • Co-author of popular NLP book series:《我要好好戀愛》,《我要好好相愛》and《生命的蛻變因NLP而起》, magazines and blog columnist

* Personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James

What Our Clients Say

“I couldn’t emphasize more on the generative field Harry created for us to leam and grow through his lifelong teaching.”

C.K. Lam,
C P Parking Limited

“Harry’s teaching enables us to focus our attention and mindset in learning NLP and provides adequate time for us to reflect and learn important concepts. His enthusiasm also motivates me to learn more and apply on NLP.”

Kenneth Lee,
Hospital Authority

“The best trainer I’ve ever met whom has the ability to observe participants’ learning curve and deliver the materials in such a way that different people can pick up.”

Cecil Luke,
Angel Tong Holdings International Limited

“It is amazing to find that there are tools which help us to define strategies and modeling of others. Harry is a source of “energies” or a “power plant” which can stimulate the mind and body of others.”

Ivan Tang,

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