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NLP 执行师证书培训课程的重点是业务技能的掌握学习,领导和教练。 它是度身订做给拥有强烈的欲望和热情,加深其 NLP 技术的知识和技能,包括时间线治疗法和催眠技术,不断地发展真正的领导才能、正面影响自己和他人的生活和生命。



MPNLP 10 大优势:

  1. 更加意识到自己作为一个领导者
  2. 能够领导与影响你的团队
  3. 与团队沟通达到领导水平
  4. 提升你的沟通技巧,有效地实时与客户建立融洽关系
  5. 价值观和信念达致共识,团队共同达到目标
  6. 充分利用你的团队的专业知识和资源
  7. 激励自己和你的团队发挥最大效能
  8. 为你和你的团队清除障碍、消极的情绪、不正面的信念
  9. 提高个人身心健康,令结果加倍成功
  10. 成就你的将来


  • 单元一:欣赏领导的本质 (16小时)
  • 单元二:在工作中个人和团队的能力 (16小时)
  • 单元三:领导和教练的先进通信技术 (16小时)
  • 单元四:催眠在工作和个人成长 (16小时)
  • 单元五:时间线治疗学 (16小时)
  • 单元六:创建理想生活和职业生涯的突破 (16小时)


    • 140 小时的专业培训
      • 导师培训 (包括评估) – 96 小时
      • 独立学习及练习 – 44 小时
    • 成功完成培训后,你可以申请 5 张证书
      1. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP by The American Board of NLP
      2. Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® by the Time Line Therapy TM Association
      3. Certified Hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy
      4. Certified Master Coach of NLP by KORNERSTONE Institute
      5. Certified Master Coach by The American Board of NLP
    • 混合学习模式,例如讲座,案例分析,小组练习和讨论,以及高团队性的建设活动,分享经验和个人的思考
    • 利用时间线治疗 TherapyTM 和催眠技术,深化 NLP 知识来增强学员成为真正的商业领袖和足智多谋的人


完成身心语言程序学 (Certified Practitioner of NLP)


      • 至少 80% 出席率
      • 参与于课堂中
      • 成功通过考试
      • 提交推荐信证明个人突破
      • 进行催眠和 NLP 于一个成功的教导或治疗程序
      • 于课内演讲,表现出你对课程了解及应用于工作间


Dr. Harry Wong, FCPA

      • Asia 1st ABNLP Certified Master Trainer of NLP*
      • China 1st Certified NLP Coach Trainer at Master Level by ABNLP Coaching Division
      • Certified NLP Master Coach by ABNLP
      • Authorized by Time Line Therapy Association to offer Time Line Therapy certification training both at practitioner and master practitioner levels
      • Doctor of Applied Psychology
      • Accredited business and relationship mediator
      • Chartered Professional Accountant, CA (Canada)
      • Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
      • Professional experience in business and training consultancy since 1991
      • Extensive training and coaching experience for managers and directors of multinational companies
      • Trained over 31,000 professionals, managers and executives in USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, etc.
      • Specialized in couple therapies and personal empowerment
      • Co-author of popular NLP book series:《我要好好戀愛》,《我要好好相愛》and《生命的蛻變因NLP而起》, magazines and blog columnist

* Personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James


“I couldn’t emphasize more on the generative field Harry created for us to leam and grow through his lifelong teaching.”

C.K. Lam,
C P Parking Limited

“Harry’s teaching enables us to focus our attention and mindset in learning NLP and provides adequate time for us to reflect and learn important concepts. His enthusiasm also motivates me to learn more and apply on NLP.”

Kenneth Lee,
Hospital Authority

“The best trainer I’ve ever met whom has the ability to observe participants’ learning curve and deliver the materials in such a way that different people can pick up.”

Cecil Luke,
Angel Tong Holdings International Limited

“It is amazing to find that there are tools which help us to define strategies and modeling of others. Harry is a source of “energies” or a “power plant” which can stimulate the mind and body of others.”

Ivan Tang,

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