Make Yourself Uniquely Prepared:
Seminar on How Fresh Graduates Win a Job Offer in Finance Industry

With the continued support of the eight local universities, the second run of the “Seminar on How Fresh Graduates Win a Job Offer in Finance Industry” organized by KORNERSTONE Institute was again overwhelmingly concluded at the United Centre, Admiralty on 11 April 2011.

“How uniquely have you prepared yourself for your future employer?” Opened by the host of the event, Ms. Leona Wu, Senior Career Consultant, who rightfully drove all the participants who were merely final year students or fresh graduates into sophisticated thinking. Speaking in the event were Mr. Jimmy Lee, Associate Director of Centaline Wealth Management Limited, Mr. Kingston Ho, a Senior Risk Manager of an International Investment Ban and Mr. Jack Tsang, President of IAFM (International Academy of Financial Management) Hong Kong Chapter, of which they are also the lead-trainers of KORNERSTONE’s finance certification programmes.

The event was thoughtfully designed in response to a pre-event survey conducted to understand the top three questions in the minds of participants. The panel session offered down-to-earth, vivid and professional guidance on how freshmen might consider the finance industry, whereas break-out sessions were designed for participants to have direct and active dialogues with renowned employers in the financial market.


“You enjoy using iPhone, your employers also find it enjoyable to “use” you like an iPhone,” an analogy made by Mr. Jack Tsang which made the house burst into instant laughter. Mr. Tsang made it clear that fresh graduates should stay competitive in today’s highly competitive business world. “You have to be flexible, multi-tasking, smart, open, user-friendly. Ideally, some of the applications may have to be free of charge. Do not focus on what you will be offered, how much you will ask for, this is not the right time. On top of all tehse, you have to accumulate yourself with the experience and competency to make ready contribution.”

One of the key topics discussed in the event was how many qualifications should a job seeker with few or no working experience hold in the eyes of employers in the financial industry. Mr. Kingston Ho said, “I personally don’t recommend graduates to enroll themselves to any master degree immediately after their bachelor studies. To employers, a master degree graduate is still a fresh graduate; an additional year of studies will not pull you out of the candidate pool named Sufficient Education but Zero Practical Experience. Instead, I always encourage fresh graduates to engage themselves in pursuing a worldwide recognized qualification that supports their desired career development.”

Three renowned speakers reckoned that employers would be more motivated to hire a certified holder or an examination candidate of an international recognized financial credential. Mr. Jimmy Lee firmly added, “Employers take fresh graduates’ commitment to engage in pursuing a professional qualification in their early careers as a determination to excel and to succeed. This positive attitude is of a great weight. What equally important will be your interpersonal skills and international experience. Therefore, reaching out for more international experience during University is always desirable.”

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