Post Event Release
3 Nov 2009

Faced with limited resources to invest in Hi-tech infrastructures, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) nowadays understand the need to save costs by leveraging network and IT infrastructures. But the question is always on “How to?” Dr. Dominic Chan, in his recent seminar on 3 November 2009, introduced us to minimize cost on IT infrastructure and applications by simply a “Click” at your fingertip!

“Who says there is no free lunch in the world? In the area of Information Technology, you can get many things free of charge or at a very low cost. You need not to be an IT expert to make good use of these free services. All you need to do is to know where you can get it and that’s all.” said Dr. Chan.

In the seminar, Dr. Chan had generously shared where the free opportunities lie within the backbone of effective customer experiences including emails, website hosting services, e-document storages, telephone, fax and software applications. By simply a “Click”, these practical tips will provide businesses with efficient and cost-effective ways to reach out and respond to clients.

“It was a fruitful evening filled with tips and knowledge. It is rare these days to have seminars offering true value to the participants. I am truly impressed and I look forward to the next session from Dominic. Well Done!” said Ms. May Ho

“Excellent Presentation! Dr. Dominic Chan is well-informed on this topic and his tips were certainly helpful in these challenging economic times. I expect a Part II!said Ms. Natalie Tang

Interested to save costs? Please stay tuned! Dr. Dominic Chan will be with us again soon!