The Missing Piece of the Puzzle:
360° Communication with Enneagram 2-day Workshop

How many of you could view yourself 360-degree like participant Brian Tse who attended the 360-degree Communication with Enneagram 2-day Workshop jointly organized by KORNERSTONE institute and Classified Post on June 5 and 6 2011? The workshop was aimed at helping participants to access their own personalities using the nine major groups under the Enneagram system.

Brian is a teacher who always finds himself inadequately equipped to deal with people on both personal and professional levels. “I have always puzzled what’s wrong with me!” He says the workshop was different from other self-improvement courses but provided him with a journey of self-reflection and a tremendous power to change for the better!

The Enneagram is a big and bottomless ancient wisdom which focuses on self-understanding based on nine types of personalities - reformer, helper, achiever, individualist, investigator, loyalist, enthusiast, challenger and peacemaker. It is a study of the behavior pattern, defense mechanism, values and motivations, strengths and weaknesses, fears and passions, filters and presumption of the nine personalities to enrich our flexibility to accept, appreciate and communicate with oneself and the people around you.


As a passionate trainer and resourceful academy of Enneagram, Eunice Chen describes Enneagram a deep-going and multi-faced study of people, not to restrict on people of our own type but also the entire rest of the 8 types, which is essentially applicable in workplace. “The benefits of studying Enneagram starts from an individual taking a gradual process from self-understanding, self-acceptance to self-improvement and eventually self-actualization which in turn radiates infinitely to a team.”

True business leaders know the marriage between Enneagram and business management tools in executive coaching, stress management, team alignment, performance empowerment, conflict management, negotiations and leaders grooming. It helps an organization to discover employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Eunice says “Enneagram is a reliable and accurate get-the-right-people-on-the-right-bus tool. HR professionals know that it is not about how many individual stars you have, but how good mix your performing team is”. Enneagram is commonly used as a personality test in many organizations such as Apple Computer, Boeing, Disney, General Motors in their recruitment processes.

Benjamin Tang was another participant. He aptly puts, "I feel like I have been put in a self-help mental fitness course. The workshop provided insights into ourselves, helped us to clarify some of our unaware needs, desire and fears. I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.”

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