“If you wanted 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”
Insightful Event: The Talent Development Forum 2011

It could have been the best-rated talent development forum ever! Over 98% of participants rated good or excellent for their overall experience at the Talent Development Forum 2011: Growing Business through Talent Development, jointly organized by KORNERSTONE and Classified Post on 27 January 2011 at the Hong Kong Club Building, Central.

The forum attracted a full house of 100 participants who were mainly human resources senior executives or decision makers from top leading firms, came together to equip the skills and strategies to nurture and retain promising staff.

Speaking at the forum included Mr. Michael Fraccaeo, Asia Pacific Head of Learning, Talent, Resourcing and Organization Development of HSBC; Prof. David Ahlstrom of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mr. NiQ Lai, CFO and Head of Talent Development of City Telecom (H.K.); Ms. Yeung, Director of the Michael Page International and Mr. Francis Mok, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management.

“People are the biggest execution risks, but at the same time, they bring with the biggest opportunities.” Mr. Michael Fraccaro highlighted the keywords at the forum. He and Mr. NiQ Lai illustrated with practical examples of how two giant organizations, HSBC and City Telecom respectively, identify current talent insufficiencies in meeting short-term and sustainable long-term growth; methodologies in place to evaluate staff’s potentials and their assessment models to control the effectiveness of their strategies.

Prof. David Ahlstrom, on the other hand, shared with participants the academic definition of “real expertise”. He inspired the participants that, there is no secret recipe to grow talented staff to become true leaders, because it has nothing to do with in-born, but successful leaders develop their skills through dedication and practice. In other words, every organization can possibly unlock individual potential and train top-tier leaders to succeed, which is an effective means of boosting business performance.

Illustrated with a Chinese idiom, Mr. NiQ Lai said “If you wanted 100 years of prosperity, grow people”. He further highlighted that, “If your organization values the importance of talent development, and if you wish to fill the pipeline of future leaders with outstanding and passionate staff, it’s now the best time to work out your talent development initiatives.”

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