It’s no longer how you manage, but how you coach!

Happy Coaching Workshop Empowered Top-Tier Business Leaders in the 21st Century

"A coach is like a mirror, it helps others to acknowledge who they are, what they are truly looking for and how they can improve themselves." Said Dr. Harry Wong (also known as Dr. Happy), Certified Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Master Coach and Trainer, at the "Success with Happy Coaching One-Day Workshop" on 30 March 2011, jointly presented by Classified Post and KORNERSTONE.

The workshop was organized with an aim to develop business leaders into happy coaches, help improving their skills to keep staff positive in a workplace. Dr. Happy puts the participants in groups and trains them on finding self-fulfillment and effective communication tools in problem-solving at work. “As a coach, our role is to maintain an open atmosphere so that coachee feels easy to talk. A Coach does not give judgmental feedback. Instead of giving out a solution, a coach wants to help and guide coachee to view their issues from different perspective. The whole coaching process is a problem solving journey lead by the coach, while the one who work out the solution is the coachee himself or herself.” Dr. Happy said.

Local companies in recent years have witnessed a growing trend of heavy investment on creating positive corporate culture, because employers recognize the benefits to cultivate and maintain an open and positive working environment. “In the past, companies often put me to coach their staff. But in recent years, I have been more involved in training their staff to be coaches themselves.” Dr. Wong highlighted five elements for making a happy staff in a workplace - the feeling of being appreciated, know what your staff do, like what they do and who they are with, and believe in what they do.

According to Dr. Happy, the entire business sector, regardless of industries, has undergone a revolutionary relationship between managers and subordinates. We are moving towards a commercial world where knowledge is accessible cost-free, working experience is no longer superior and top-down management is no longer effective. What make a true business leader are the skills and attitudes you need to empower young subordinates to develop and maximum their full potentials.

In today’s volatile business environment, positive thinking is important to any organizations, as it breeds optimism and encourages one’s deeper desire for improvement, which all leads to a better business result. This explains why the training programmes on positive thinking and effective coaching have always been the top of the list in KORNERSTONE’s corporate training. Learn how to develop your managers to be happy coaches today. Contact us at (852) 2116 3328 or email us at for a proposal.