Post Event Release
9 July 2009

"You can choose your career but you can't choose your boss, it comes with the job.  However, you can create and influence a more effective relationship.  The critical factor of success is to know the best mode in communicating with your boss." Ms Sandra Fung, the trainer of the captioned workshop and a member of KORNERSTONE said.  She introduced the LIFO® method, a popular communication tool used in the U.S. and Europe for about 40 years.  It is a simple, handy to use and effective tool that many of the participants were able to grasp and apply immediately.  Many were delighted to find out their own style after the test and why they clash with their boss.

Our members and guests happily shared...

"The workshop is very interesting...lots of practical examples to explaining the concepts learned." 
Ms. Grace Leung

"Sandra is very familiar with LIFO®. She is a good presenter."
Ms. Agnes Wong

"LIFO® is a very good classification method for identifying different types of people."
Mr. Vincent Ip

We thank Ms. Sandra Fung for such an enjoyable and fun session.  Due to overwhelming response, we are delighted to announce that the workshop will be held again in October 2009.  Stay tuned.