Post Event Release
14 October 2009

“To improve communication and productivity, it will be useful to identify these habitual behaviors in the other people and even ourselves.  In LIFO®, we call these Life Orientations.生活取向” Ms Sandra Fung, the trainer of the captioned workshop and a member of KORNERSTONE said.  “LIFO® is our game plan for life. When you know your boss’s game plan and align yourself to his goal then you will be able to understand and manage your boss better.” she continued.  The workshop was encored on 14 October 2009.  It was again positively received by our members and guests who enjoyed the lively presentation and interactive learning mode of the workshop.  Mr. Dennis Wong, member of KORNERSTONE shared “LIFO® has inspired me to use another angle to look into the relationship between the boss and myself.  There is no right or wrong, it is all about communication.”