Timely Appendix for HR Professionals
Seminar on Minimum Wages Implications and Tips for HR Professional

The controversial piece of legislation Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO) has been in effect since May 1, 2011. Employees in Hong Kong in respect of any wage period are entitled to no less than $28 per hour. While politicians argue that MWO is a milestone in protecting the grassroots workforce, public concern its upward impact on inflation and human resources (HR) professionals find it ambiguous to implement.

The Seminar on Minimum Wages Implications and Tips for HR Professionals, jointly organized by KORNERSTONE, Michael Page and Classified Post introduced this new legislation to HR professionals, providing them with the structure of the MWO and the key compliance issues. The first seminar on 7 Jun 2011 attracted a full house of 150 HR professionals at the Executive Center in Central, while its encore session on 23 June 2011 at Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building in Quarry Bay attracted other 500 HR professionals.

Behind this simple line of paying HK28 per hour, the ordinance does not provide clearly defined terms when it comes to execution,” says Ms. Winnie Chiu, a partner at ONC Lawyer at the seminar. “For a newly released ordinance, we do expect a number of practical issues with no clue to resolve. In this transition period, to comply with the ordinance and to avoid labor disputes, companies must make adjustment to their HR practices. Sufficient communication with employees to attain a mutually agreed terms of employment and remuneration package is of vital importance, and of course, what is equally critical will be keeping a good relationship with your staff."

The definition of “hours worked” continues to wrestle many HR professionals. For example, “If employees clock-in earlier only to enjoy breakfast, should that be counted as working hours?”, “What if some aspiring employees work overtime out of their own initiatives?”, “Any guidance for work arrangement like on-call and standby duties?”, “How should we calculate work rendered outside the office, such as business travel?” Participants were eager to examine these ambiguous grey areas, yet the most common dilemma and ambiguous situations following the launch of the MWO.


Complying with the MWO ordinance is not the only HR challenge facing our practitioners today. According to the survey 2011 HR Challenges conducted by Human Capital League, the biggest challenges confronting HR professionals include:

  • Job design
  • Strategic recruitment
  • Retaining talent
  • Employee capability and engagement
  • Performance pay
  • Leadership development
  • Social networking
  • HR measurement and analysis
  • Automating HR processes
  • Integration of HR applications
  • Being creative
  • Managing change

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