Towards a NLP Hub: 5*28 Happy NLPers Gathering

“Getting a NLP certification is a not a destination, it’s a process to constantly practice the wisdom to bring positive energy to workplace and the people around you.” Dr Harry Wong (also known as Dr. Happy), Lead Trainer of KORNERSTONE NLP Training Programme shared with his NLP students at the gathering in Zambra Café, Wanchai on 28 May 2011.

Since the launch of the NLP certification training programme at KORNERSTONE, Dr. Happy has successfully nurtured a group of certified NLP practitioners and/or master practitioners. With his passionate goal to form a NLP hub in Hong Kong, Dr. Happy arranged a gathering for more than 50 fellows to exchange how NLP are practiced in daily lives of each individual.

The following captures the electrifying moments and touching sharing:



NLP nourishes us to enrich and sustain our passion in life and at work. Under the lead and influence of Harry, I have developed a habit to integrate the 10 core beliefs of NLP in dealing with different people and various matters in life and practice the NLP techniques almost every day. Most importantly, I keep recommending my friends to learn NLP from Harry.”

“It is important to have the wisdom to seriously and correctly review what we have been going through at our critical one-third of the life journey, Harry and NLP guides me just the best way. NLP has removed what had been bottlenecking me and gave me a necessary change for a better me. Learning NLP is a life milestone of mine, I had genuinely experienced a breakthrough followed by a big leap at career and a more enjoyable life.”

“Being a senior management of my company, I am doubly aware that I should have more resources to spread wide the wellness of NLP. I haven’t stopped recommending my colleagues to join Harry’s NLP training since I have tasted the fruits. From a management point of view, the NLP training is highly effective in advancing my colleagues’ communication skills, emotional quality, ability to empower myself and my subordinates. Most importantly, Harry gives my colleagues a positive mindset which is gradually shaping a positive and happy culture within my company. This is literally on the top of everything for upholding a sustainable business success. As a mankind, I feel good and rejoicing to see more happy faces in the society.”


By the end of 2011, Dr. Happy will complete his 23nd run of the NLP Practitioners and 10th run of the Master Practitioners programme. To learn about how positive energy could bring positive impact to your work and life, come experience the true essence of learning NLP from Dr. Happy today! Email us at or call us at 2116 3328 for detail.