Post Event Release
17 June 2009

The night attracted a group of experienced IT and project managers attending to find out the truths of program management office (PMO) Mr. Raymond Wong, President of Project Management Institute (PMI) Hong Kong, as the speaker, openly shared his secret of success for developing an efficient PMO from scratch. "The critical factor of success of PMO is not about hard skills, it is all about soft skills. "He added “Once you get the support of the key decision makers in the company eg department heads, you would already have achieved half of the success.”  Many participants raised questions and shared their own experiences, which made a fruitful and constructive night of knowledge sharing. 

"My company is about to start the PMO program and I gained a lot of insights from Raymond and the sharing of other participants.  He reminded me that the key of success is people but not infrastructure. I would recommend this event to my colleagues. "said Mr. Lawrence Lo, a KORNERSTONE member.

Ms Venus Mak, Membership Manager of KORNERSTONE concluded by saying "Thank you all for the continuous support to our events and the interesting speech delivered by Raymond Wong. We hope to continue receiving positive feedback from all attendees and look forward to seeing you again in the upcoming events."