The seminar “Winning Strategies for Hong Kong Wealth Managers in China”, jointly organized by Classified Post and KORNERSTONE was successfully held at the Hong Kong Club Building on 28 October 2010.

“According to the Merrill-Capgemini World Wealth Report in 2010, the sum of the total wealth owned by HNWI (high-net-worth individuals) in the Mainland peaked at US$2.347 trillion, while over 70% of this vast amount of money is holding by only 1% of the entire population…if each of us can tap into three of these bulging HNWIs from the mainland, we can simply live with a happy care-free mind”, said the seminar's main speaker, Mr. Vincent Lee, Executive Director of International Academy of Financial Management (IAFM) who has over 12 years wealth managemet experience on the Mainland.

The seminar attracted practitioners who were eager to crack the sector with different approaches over their counterparts across the border. “After all, it is a psycho thing. You’ve to get to know how different types of HNWIs look at their wealth in the Mainland and most importantly, the purposes underlying each investment decisions." According to Vincent, “Affluent mainlanders are generally categorized into nine types - family man (家庭理財型), financial phobia (財務恐懼型), the anonymous (匿名型), the authority (大人物型), reputation first (貴賓型), the saver (儲蓄型), the risk taker (賭徒型) and the challenger (創新型). Their unique characteristics, needs, preferences, investment mentalities and the dos-and-don’ts became vital when Hong Kong wealth managers want to tap into the mainland’s financial services market.”

Ms Ruby Lee,one of the participants said, “The event was truly practical, concrete and eye opening! Vincent is extremely knowledgeable in the field. I have always had difficulties to tailor services to my clients. Now I have a better understanding of the mentality of the mainlanders and how I can better recommend tools to help diversify their portfolios.”

Armed with the practical tips on how to provide tailor-made financial services to meet the needs of affluent mainlanders, Vincent also introduced two website where affluent use to network in the Mainland. “One way to get their attention is by knowing their social networks.” Vincent also highlighted the beauty of acquiring a professional CWM status for players in this enormous but highly competitive Mainland market.

“My big appreciation goes to the organizers, for offering this one-of-a-kind opportunity for the career expansion of local wealth managers. Infallibly, we are witnessing a driving demand of knowledgeable and internationally recognized professional to cater the flaming China wealth management market. Vincent is a true visionary to be an early adaptor of CWM credential, if you want to copy his success, CWM is just a must.” Said Mr.Jack Tsang, President of International Academy of Financial Management (IAFM), Hong Kong Chapter.

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