Talent Development Forum 2012
Grow your Leaders Right

“Establishing a strong leadership brand as a core talent development strategy will immensely attract, retain and develop top talents in your corporation because this is what truly captures hearts and minds of good leaders!” Said keynote speaker Mr. Shubhro Mitra, Chief Human Resources Officer of AXA Asia at the Talent Development Forum 2012 held on12 January 2012 in Hong Kong Club Building, Central, proudly organized by KORNERSTONE Institute.

Housed more than 120 HR professionals, department leaders, senior executives and decision makers, the forum presented heavyweight speakers and panelists including Mr. TC Chan, Board of Directors, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited; Mrs. Mimi Cunningham, Director of Human Resources and Sustainability, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Mr. Francis Mok, President, Institute of Human Resource Management; Ms. Kris Lui, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong-Taiwan Markets and Global Strategy & Innovation Premium Consumer, P&G Company; Ms. Elisa Wong, Vice President, Human Resources, Hilti Asia Pacific Limited and Ms. Ivy Lau, Director of Talent Engagement, City Telecom (HK) Limited.


Highly concerned HR topics such as in what ways talents should be compensated; what is a consequential differentiation in terms of compensation between average and high potential leaders, how often a performance review for high performers is considered strategically effective; how to align leadership practices with corporate business strategy and how to gain full support and optimal involvement from the CEO were best illustrated with practical examples and successful stories.

“You don’t have to worry about the flow away of talents, because they will,” as Ms. Kris Lui pointed out, “while it is not necessarily a bad thing, for, firstly, the resources invested in growing a talent will benefit the society at large instead of being wasted, and secondly, the new insights and perspectives other potential talents within or beyond your organizations bring to you can very often go beyond your imagination. What really brings adverse result is your hesitation to develop talents out of the fear of losing them. As long as your company has a strong leadership brand, you will have an ample pipeline of top talents at any point of time.”


Paul Cheung, CEO, forum participant said, “It was excited to see the forum carried out successfully with the objectives being achieved. The power panel was especially impressive. Panelists were experienced and resourceful. I was impressed to hear their experiences and challenges of implementing talent strategy, and these experiences have certainly shaped the talent development strategy for my company.”

Another forum participant Lincoln Howell, Manager, Learning & Development, said, “This is a well-organized event! I like the sharing of the speakers and the lessons they have learnt from both successful and not-so-successful stories. The company I run spans worldwide and I often have to assign staff to station abroad in countries where they might feel uneasy, for example, Africa. Persuasion work had always challenged me because very often I lose these good people at the end. I was lucky to get a chance to meet the speakers for this aged and unsolved headache. I believe all participants here were deeply inspired.”

“Don’t forget to make fun and be creative when you are developing your people. Breed our talents by innovative learning opportunities which align well with our organization’s culture and business objectives is how we could successfully differentiate ourselves as a good employer in this severe war of talent. As an HR professional, apart from knowing what your company needs, we also need to know what our people need. Making them feel comfortable and confident to pursue what they want to achieve in their career is where loyalty roots.” concluded by Ms. Ivy Lau, one of the panelists at the forum.

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