“The preparation time a serious interviewer spent before setting up a recruitment interview is no less than the time for an applicant, if you are serious in getting a right candidate!” Mr. Stanley Chak explained “why-we-are-here” at the Interview for Success TM – a Half-day Competency-based Interviewing Workshop organized by KORNERSTONE on 27 April and 3 May 2012.

Stanley Chak, a seasoned consultant with over 25 years of experience in performance and organization development in China and Asia Pacific Region, aptly pointed out common mistakes hiring managers made - the use of hypothetical questions and a lack of strategies to setting behavioral questions that could assess candidates past behavior, experiences and skills.

“The importance of setting out behavioral or competency-based questions is that we believe past behavior in specific job-relevant area is a reliable indicator of future behavior. It indicates how he/she handles a similar situation in the future…Hiring managers should therefore develop a matrix matching the job requirements and the competencies needed and be prepared to ask questions that would help identifying the potentials of your applicants.” For example, if you wish to know how an applicant handled a difficult situation in the past, you could structure your question this way, “Tell me about a time when you… or describe a situation in which you…” Stanley explained.

The workshops attracted positive responses with two full houses of over 60 human resources (HR) and hiring managers. Participants found the workshop practical, refreshing and inspirational. Mr. Raymond Choy, senior HR manager said, “I especially appreciate the design of the workshop which allows us to practice step-by-step while going through the competency-based interviewing model. The learning approach is effective. I am looking forward to practicing what I have learnt at work!”

Setting our right competency-based interview questions can bring enormous difference and it will help bringing high flyers to your corporations. KORNERSTONE provides an array of innovative, high impact and high quality training solutions for HR professionals, departmental managers and high flyers in various specializations. Email us today at enquiry@kornerstone.com.hk or contact us at 2116 3328 for details.