Revolutionize your Business Wardrobe
Workshop on Personal Branding and Professional Image

When business executives shop for working clothes, they usually pay attention to the outfit, price and fashion trend. But to make a professional image, what truly matters are the underlying qualities of colors and the appropriateness of the business attire at different occasion. “We wear blue because we want to show sincerity and trustworthiness; we wear purple to express passion and luxury; we wear orange to ignite creativity and we wear black to communicate formality, power and authority.” Said Rosemarie Yau at the Workshop on Personal Branding and Professional Image jointly organized by KORNERSTONE Institute and Classified Post on 26 September 2011 in Hong Kong Club, Central.

According to Rosemarie, a trainer of KORNERSTONE Institute specializing on personal branding, professional image and communication strategies, there are three steps to building a personal brand - Extract, Express and Exude. “First of all, you need to extract your unique selling propositions which make you differentiate from your competitors, then you express them through a dressing-for-the-occasion strategy, finally you must exude your attributes consistently and persistently”. 

Nearly a hundred of participants from an array of professional background were attracted to the workshop, including Human Resources Managers, Sales and Marketing professionals, I.T. Executives, Business Owners, Lawyers, Designers and so forth, who share a common enthusiasm to better package themselves to enhance their professional values and competitive edges. The workshop began with a 15-minute networking game during which participants had to network with others and then write down three words to describe each new person they met, and to choose the one who impressed them the most.


“The workshop is practical, inspirational and lots of fun. To impress newly met or even come out of my shell in business occasion is not easy, my biggest take away from attending this workshop is that it opens me to a complete new door to impress others without using words. It is amazing to know that, I am, to a certain extent, in control of how others read me, this knowledge is very invaluable.” said Patrick Wong, I.T. manager, participant of the workshop.

“The suggestions and tips are constructive. Making use of professional attire to amplify excellence and to facilitate communication is provoking. I used to wear black everyday because I thought it is pretty much standard.  Now I think is time to revolutionize my business wardrobe.” said Jessica Eng, Lawyer, participant of the workshop.


Topics covered in the workshop include personal branding and branding attributes, perception management tools, effective professional image management, total likability formula, key components of a business wardrobe, business dress code, and color co-ordination for distinctive visual presentation and so forth.

A personal brand is a vital component of success in today's business world, it is a promise of consistency, a reveal of your competency as well as a root of your reliability and it is the most remarkable way to inspire trust and loyalty. If you are determined to create your own personal brand or receive related corporate training programmes, email KORNERSTONE at or contact us at 2116 3328!

KORNERSTONE is providing an array of innovative, high impact and high training solutions to professionals in various specializations, professional image and personal branding is one of the most applauded intelligences incorporated to tailor-made company training programmes for mid-career to senior executives. Bring out the most of you and your staff competence today!