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Apart from public, instructor-led classes, we also offer private in-house trainings for organizations based on their needs. Call us at +852 2116 3328 or email us at [email protected] for more details.
About the Certification
  • CWM® is jointly awarded by the CWM® Institute (CWMI®) and the well-established American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM®). Currently AAFM has over 60,000+ members spanning over 150 countries
  • The CWM® Institute maintains a Board of Standards exclusively for building competency standards for wealth managers
  • This certification program is ideal for finance professionals, bankers, investment advisors, financial advisors and mutual fund advisors who wish to establish a career in the wealth management and private banking arena
  • More about the Certification:
Training Outlines
  • Module 1: Update on global wealth management (10%)
    This module aims to provide an overview of the world with definition of wealth management and an appreciation of the latest updates, developments and trends globally, supplemented with the regulatory framework for wealth management in Hong Kong
  • Module 2: Global investment strategies and wealth products (30%)
    This module covers a wide range of products available in the world of wealth management, including funds, fixed income, derivatives, structured products, and various alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity, with an analysis of their respective issues, challenges and market experiences in recent years
  • Module 3: Global wealth and portfolio management strategies (35%)
    This module covers a broad and yet in-depth discussion of the portfolio management process, ranging from understanding client’s investment well as performance measurement techniques
  • Module 4: Risk management and wealth planning strategies (15%)
    Migration of risk and strategies deployed will be discussed concurrently with the identification of risk in this module. Tax planning, estate protection generation planning and other strategies for wealth preservation, wealth accumulation and wealth transfer will also be covered
  • Module 5: Client advisory and relationship management skills (10%)
    This module focuses on the consultative selling methodology which helps wealth managers to move away from “selling to clients” to “helping clients buy”. Knowledge on how to define, implement and secure a premium service culture and other key interpersonal concepts in wealth management will also be covered
Training Highlights
  • 35-hour of instructor-led training
  • By attending the CWM® program, participants will:– Learn about the opportunities of wealth management with specific relevance to Asia
    – Have an overview of the latest innovations in financial products in wealth management
    – Learn the global best practices in wealth management
    – Develop skills in building wealth management solutions for clients
    – Be able to create strategies to build effective relationship with clients
    – Create and increase the capability to think strategically by using a structured process
Chartered Requirements
  • Complete a minimum 30-hour education program at an Approved Training Provider (ATP) of CWM®Institute; and
  • A member of the CWM® Institute; and
  • Minimum 3 years related experience (for university graduates), or minimum 5 years related experience (for non-graduates)
    *Graduate without sufficient experience, will be awarded Associate Chartered Wealth Manager, ACWM
  • Pass in CWM 3-hour exam

Mr. Jack Tsang
Master Trainer

  • Jack Tsang is a seasoned senior risk and compliance expert who has held senior management positions in various multinational corporations, including an asset management company, major commercial banking groups, financial regulatory bodies and the big 4 accounting firms. He holds the following professional qualifications: CWM®, CFA®, CFPCM , CPA, FRM® and so forth, and has conducted official CWM classes in the past 10 years
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