Our Methodology

Nowadays, employee training is more than just an effective way to enhance the performance and efficiency of a company. It also represents a strategic HR move for organizational development as well as for talent engagement. With our 5Ds training process, we provide performance driven training solutions for clients across Asia.

Our 5Ds Training Process

  • Defining Training Needs

    • Understand your needs, situation, scale, objective and expected attainment level for your training ideas
    • Most importantly, define the unique value for this project to your organization

  • Design and Development

    • Our talented consulting team will provide a framework for your training solutions
    • With your involvement and agreement, we can create the best practice solutions with detailed proposals

  • Dialogue and Alignment of Goals

    • Align the training objectives and content with the sponsor or user’s input
    • Design and content of the customized program can be finalized for preparation

  • Delivery and Implementation

    • Use leading edge practice and an innovative thinking approach by our top-notch trainers/facilitators, to deliver and implement strategic solutions
    • Our best consulting team will support the project throughout and are always available to support you at anytime, anywhere

  • Debriefing and Recommendations

    • Collect all the feedback, analyze the training results and observations with a report
    • Meeting set up with client to review and plan for what may be required next