Gen-AI Executive Program

Private in-house training
Apart from public, instructor-led classes, we also offer private in-house trainings for organizations based on their needs. Call us at +852 2116 3328 or email us at [email protected] for more details.
Intended Audience

Executives and Senior Leaders, Business Strategists, Technology Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders, Decision-makers and Department Heads

Training Outlines

Day 1: Introduction to Generative AI and its Applications

What is Generative AI and how does it work?

  • The Evolution of AI to Generative AI
  • Explain the high-level concepts and principles of Generative AI
  • Provide examples of different types of Generative AI techniques
  • Demonstrate some of the popular Generative AI tools and platforms
  • Explain prompt engineering and various prompting techniques


Why is Generative AI important for your organization?

  • Discuss the current and future trends and challenges in the industry
  • Highlight the potential benefits and applications of Generative AI to various industry
  • Showcase some successful use cases and best practices of Generative AI


Day 2: How to Implement and Manage Generative AI Projects

How to design and execute Generative AI projects?

  • Explain the key steps and considerations for planning and implementing Generative AI projects
  • Provide guidelines and tips for choosing relevant use cases to start with and what Generative AI techniques and tools to use
  • Demonstrate how to use some of the Generative AI tools and platforms for use cases


How to manage and govern Generative AI projects?

  • Discuss the key challenges and risks of using Generative AI, such as data quality, security, ethics, and regulation
  • Provide best practices and frameworks for managing and governing Generative AI projects, such as data governance, model governance, and AI governance and ethics
  • Introduce some of the tools and resources for monitoring and auditing Generative AI projects
  • Summarize with Generative AI Playbook

Dr. Andy Chun, AI Pioneer, Leading AI figure in HK

Distinguished Fellow, Hong Kong Computer Society

Dr. Andy Chun is a global tech visionary and a passionate AI pioneer with over 30 years of experience driving digital innovation across various industries. He is a leading AI figure in Hong Kong, renowned for creating award-winning AI systems that have enhanced the city’s social welfare, quality of life, and economic development, benefiting millions of citizens daily.

He was previously the Regional Director of Technology Innovation at Prudential plc, a leading life and health insurance and asset management company, where he promoted
the global use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer health and wealth

He has been recognized as Hong Kong’s top CIO, one of Greater China’s top five CIOs, and a global top 100 IT leader. He has also received numerous local and international awards for his work, including HKICTA and APICTA as well as several AI awards from AAAI. He has a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed tech executive MBA training from Boston University


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