Functional Series

SAMPLE: Human Resources as Change Agent in Organization (1 day)
ObjectivesAs organizations of all kinds face unrelenting changes in their environment, the need for managers who are capable of turning strategy into reality, has created a new legitimacy for the role of change agents. Managers develop and manage the key “people” systems to support organizational change.
Course Outline
    • The changing trends (VUCA) and the new competencies of corporate athletes
    • Business framework on Change

– The McKinsey 7S
– The SWOT
– Different Emotional Stages of Changes
– Force Field Analysis
– Kotter’s 8 Steps of Implementing Changes

  • Application of theories
  • Lesson to be learnt as a change agent

SAMPLE: Essential Legal Issues For HR Professional (1 day)
ObjectivesThis is designed for HR professionals whose primary responsibilities involve designing and planning HR policies and practices, and those who wish to have a review on HR legal issues.
Course Outline
  • Collection, Use and Management of Employees’ Personal Data
  • Prevention and Handling of Sexual Harassment Complaints
  • Termination of Employment

SAMPLE: The Secret Factors of Project Communication with NLP (1 day)
  • Neuro – Understand the thinking logic and mindset off self and others
  • Linguistic – Apply an adequate mix of verbal and non-verbal language to disseminate messages effectively and efficiently
  • Programming – Discover and utilise self and others’ formula for success in working with others to create synergy
Course Outline
  • Take more positive control over your thoughts and behavioural patterns toward success
  • Connect with yourself and others and to communicate effectively
  • Empower yourself and others with resources to achieve what you want
  • Be more creative and able to think out-of-the-box when handling challenges at work
  • Learn how to work better with others at work and in managing projects

SAMPLE: Effective Project Management (2 days)
  • Manage cross department projects with effective ways
  • Handle projects with up-to-date process groups and tools worldwide
  • Close projects meeting business requirements and ethics
Course Outline
  • Develop project management plan
  • Expectation Management
  • Project time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement management
  • Schedule and cost control, perform quality assurance
  • Acquire and develop project team & Manage project team

SAMPLE: Enhance Sales Performance with CRM (2 days)
  • To create, maintain and grow the profitable customers in a systematic way
  • Data analysis, planning, organizing, implementation and evaluating your customers and sales activities
  • Defining and designing for your own effective Customer Strategies
Course Outline
  • Overview of CRM
  • Introduce different types of CRM systems
  • Developing customer strategies
  • Planning and servicing strategic account
  • Implementing customer strategies and maximizing the values of customer contact

SAMPLE: Essential Skills for Wealth Managers (2 days)
  • Real protection to investors: Compensation or Better Regulation?
  • Comfort clients and manage the portfolio risk in a holistic approach from key risk topics
  • Trends and Market Practices of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
Course Outline
  • SFC Proposals for Enhancing Investor Protection
  • Common AML deficiencies
  • Developing customer strategies
  • Legislative proposal to enhance AML regulatory regime
  • Risks of investing in particular countries, sectors and financial instruments
  • Risks arising from operational, legal, accounting and tax issues

SAMPLE: Financial Management for Non-financial Managers (2 days)
  • Interpret balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements
  • Discover how to increase the efficiency of your operations
  • Matching financial figures with your company’s strategic objectives
  • Predict how your decisions will influence the profitability of your business unit
Course Outline
  • Structure and Inter-relationship of Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet: Summary of Value and Ownership
  • Cash Flow Statement: Tracking the King
  • Cost Accounting: Secrets of Control
  • Business Planning: Creating the Future

SAMPLE: Financial Risk Management Fast Track (1 day)
  • Generic risk awareness for financial services consultants or wealth managers
  • To reinforce the existing risk assessment framework for the consultants in evaluating the risk profile
  • To manage the residual risk exposure by prudent assets and liabilities management policy
  • This is a widely adopted risk identification methodology in the banking industry through an analysis of the inherent risks
Course Outline
  • Review of risk exposure by a risk tree
  • Application of assets and liabilities management methodology
  • Key elements in building generic prudent risk management process
  • Different approaches for risk management
  • Insurance as a tool for loss mitigation/control