Team Series

SAMPLE: Team Alignment through Facilitative Mediation (1 day)
ObjectivesThis workshop will integrate theory and application to apply into the real life scenario of an organization. Through facilitative mediation, it offers tools for enhancing communications and negotiation at all levels of management, as well as improving the quality of client or customer relationships and complaints handling.
Course OutlineWHY
Dispute Resolution in a Legal Perspective
Benefits of Mediation in the Workplace
Cost and Value of Conflict
– Workplace Mediation
– Definition of Mediation and its Origin
– Underlying Principles of Mediation
– 4 Fundamental Models of Mediation
– Facilitative Mediation
– Role of a Mediator
– Skills of a Mediator
– How Facilitative Mediation Applying to the Workplace
– Getting Mediation into Your Organization: Mediation Service
– How Mediation can be used within Organization
– Building in-House Capability
HOW: Mediation in Action
– Workplace Mediation for Teams
– Team Mediation and Group Dynamics
– Mediation Approach
– 6-steps Structure of a Face-To-Face Mediation Meeting
– Case Application: Complaint Bullying Against a Manager
Beyond Mediation
– Culture of Mediation and Organizational Development
– Advancing Mediation into Your Workplace: Mediation Providers, Personnel Policies and Mediation Practice in the Organization

SAMPLE: Building Trust – Empower a Motivated and Coaching Culture (2 days)
  • Facilitate a positive and effective coaching environment at work
  • Embrace differences among colleagues and facilitate a stronger team as supervisors and leaders
  • Be able to communicate effectively with verbal and non-verbal cues to enhance persuasiveness, buy-in and influencing abilities at work
  • Motivate self and the team to develop higher performance
Course Outline
  • Discovering and utilizing positivism as a team
  • Understanding preferences in different thinking and communication patterns
  • Developing a climate of trust with teams and customers
  • Enhancing a employment engagement through effective coaching

SAMPLE: Team Building and Communication Skill with MBTI (2 days)
  • Be able to build trust and relationship with teams, customers and suppliers effectively
  • Understand the MBTI methodology and model
  • Know how and where to connect yourself to people who are of asset to your profession
  • Motivate yourself to start networking and make networking a priority for your career development
  • Appreciate differences in individual and team values and be able to identify innovative ways for alignment and adding value
Course Outline
  • Understanding preferences in thinking and communication patterns
  • Observing and utilizing verbal and non-verbal cues and language for relationship enhancement
  • Making networking skills your win-win-win business strategy
  • Creating an innovative mindset for business development and strategy implementation