Leadership Series

KORNERSTONE’s customized training program has the solution for you. We build talents and winning team for your organizations, through our innovative, high-quality training programs. We provide tailor-made solutions addressing specific needs of a company which focuses on maximizing the potentials of human capitals.

Here are some sample titles:

SAMPLE: 7 Effective Ways To Be “SEEN” as a Great Leader (1 day)

Becoming a great leader contains many key elements. Leaders inspire others not only by their inner knowledge but also the outside professional image is important to make them succeed. If you want to be seen as a great leader among others, this workshop will help you to learn some effective traits to make you move faster.

This one day workshop will combine both inner and outer skills to equip you to be seen as a great leader. Participants will learn 7 effective and practical ways from the workshop which you can apply to your daily working life.

Course Outline
  • To be professional
  • To have good etiquette
  • To be sociable in different occasions
  • To have passion
  • To display courage
  • To show an owner’s mindset
  • To be the real YOU
SAMPLE: Supercharged Coaching – Solving Common Staff Problems (1 day)

This workshop introduces supervisors, team leaders, and managers to the fundamentals of coaching, delegating and directing, with an emphasis on driving effective critical conversations with your staff.

Course Outline
  • Common staff problems – what are their potential causes
  • “Telling” (directing) used to work…why has it lost its appeal, particularly with Gen Y?
  • What is performance coaching?
  • Does coaching really work?
  • Good vs bad coaching
  • Attributes of a successful coach
  • Coaching vs mentoring vs training
  • When to coach, when to delegate, when to direct
  • When coaching should not be used
  • GROW coaching flow
  • 8 high impact coaching tools
  • Role plays and case studies focused on coaching for 10 types of “critical conversations”
SAMPLE: Blue Ocean Change Management (2 days)
  • Understanding human psychology towards change
  • Knowing the concept of Blue Ocean strategy in the area of change
  • Introducing a systematic tool in Blue Ocean Strategy to generate creativity and deal with changes
  • Understanding resources allocations, planning and team collaboration for implementing a successful change
Course Outline
  • Understanding the psychology of change
  • Creating changes for more business opportunities
  • Setting the scene for change in your organization
  • Dealing with the right tangible and intangible resources
  • Enforcing a learning environment in your organization
SAMPLE: Experiential and Activity-based Leadership (2 days)
  • Energy mingle in positive thinking
  • Utilizing own most appropriate leadership style
  • “Win-Win” concept on leadership
Course Outline
  • Setting the scene
  • The power of choice
  • Life influences life
  • Find out own communication style
  • Aware of different perceptions might hinder effective communication
  • Importance of “Think Win-Win” in our leadership
SAMPLE: Leadership Actualization with Enneagram (2 days)
  • Understand and appreciate different types of leadership styles
  • Knowing yourself and your staff – their capabilities and priorities
  • Motivate yourself and your team to maximize organizational performance
  • Building a high performance team and handling conflicts effective
  • Development of vision and mission
Course Outline
  • Introduce nine types of leadership styles
  • Identifying, appreciating and utilizing differences in values among teams and individuals and in striking for a balanced team alignment
  • Choosing the most appropriate leadership style for your organization
  • Facilitating performance development mindset
  • Building your Dream Team with vision and mission